No more update for soldner?

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No more update for soldner?

Postby MadLad » Thu 6. Jun 2019, 09:55

Will Soldner ever get an update in future? The last time it was updated back in 2017.

The playerbase seems to be decreasing day by day, during the old days there were 20-40+ people on a single or more server but now everytime I come to check the serverlist there are about 5-6 people playing which is alot less to play with.

In 2018 the devs said that Soldner will get a new update (new devs were working on it) and they'll tell us more about it after a week but we never got to hear anything from them after a week.

This game is dying and seeing it die like this makes me kind of sad,had alot of fun,meet tons of cool people,enjoyed every single seconds I played on this game.

So I'm willing to know if Soldner will ever get an update and are the devs trying to find a way to keep this game alive or will it be officially dead in few more years.

Even if it dies,getting a remastered version of this game will be great since this game has a huge potential to defeat or rival bigger AAA fps games (not sure about the graphics but pretty sure it will rival in gameplay mechanics since there are tons of stuff you can use and do here)

No more,I hope to hear something good from you guys.

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