How to disable "Modified Data Detected"!

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How to disable "Modified Data Detected"!

Postby 4T7 » Thu 14. Mar 2019, 12:48

hello there ,
I wonder if this forum is still alive, anyways I`m kinda new to this game , decided to give the modding a try.
I gathered every info I could dig from forum and was able to have some progress , I made a small server side mode, by modifying map in editor and some weapon\vehicle stats in their respective XML files.

The mod works fine but the problem is since I modified the stats of a vehicle, the clients keep sending Modified Data detected message which is kinda annoying (aside from annoyance, the mode works fine) .
So my question is , is there anyway to script something to disable that message ?
I`m trying to keep the mode server side only so clients don`t have to go though the trouble of installing the mode.
I fumbled through the scripts folder and did some changes but no success since my scripting skills is below adequate level ;)

any help is very much appreciated.

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