Remastering and modification of the games

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Remastering and modification of the games

Postby DISCO » Thu 21. Feb 2019, 21:35

Remastered and modified games by neural networks have become a new trend. While the remasters have already reached the same level as the top AAA projects, machine learning has “modernized” Doom, TES 3: Morrowind, Max Payne, Half-Life, Final Fantasy VIII and other games, thanks to which they received high-quality graphics and textures in high resolution.

How neural networks improve graphics
Not so long ago, guides on the use of neural networks based on GAN (Generative Adverserial Network) technology to improve the quality of photos and textures in games appeared on the Internet. GAN is a technology that independently replaces the original texture with a better and more detailed one. It turns out by generating the final image on the basis of a set of samples similar to the original.

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