Left click laser, right click missile?

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Left click laser, right click missile?

Postby g0on » Fri 4. Nov 2016, 16:54

It had never occurred to me a laser designator and laser guided missile could be set up this way in Soldner, but the German 'Schnellboot Gerpard Class' in FunMod (i.e the 'Gepard' missile boat, not the air-aircraft vehicle...same name, different unit) offers this approach from its offensive missile station. It is actually rather fun to use this way, the missile launched with right click guided towards a target identified by holding left. It is also true of how many missiles actually operate...i.e. if the target takes cover or evasive maneuvers must be performed on your part, breaking line of sight and the laser lock, the missile is lost. I just thought it might make sense to implement this method of laser guided missile control on some vehicles currently armed with laser guided missiles, as players voluntarily avoiding the action to laser designate targets for others is virtually unseen and 'without' the ability to use their laser guided missiles, vehicles that have them forfeit a great deal of their potential. Laser designation by other players should still be possible, however, as launch vehicles may then attack targets that they, themselves, do not have line of sight with, allowing a stand-off/support role.


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