Idea's For Soldner :D

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Idea's For Soldner :D

Postby Niyam » Tue 16. Feb 2016, 12:40

Hey Guys I got Some idea For Soldner...So the Idea's are:-
1.Customize Guns (like Adding Scope,Grenade Launcher etc)

2.Custom Skins (like Mario,other Game characters or Make your Own Skin)

3.Prop Hunt :D (Prop Hunt is from Garry's Mod...New GameMode:-Prop Hunt)

4.Zombie Mode (Small,medium,Big Zombies(Zombies From Left 4 dead 1,2) etc..You have to Build Defences on your place (where you spawn)..Barricade House Door,Windows etc)

5.Customize Car and Car Fun mode (For Exmple:- Derpy Race,jumping car,Sumo car fight etc)

6.Graphic update? (Which one can soldner use? Unity 3D or Unreal Ungine?)

7.Shoot From Car seat or Helicopter Seat. (is this a good idea?..i got it from Gta: San Andreas and GTA:V)

8.Cool,New,Awesome Dance,Breakdance and Moves? (Would be funny)

9.Moving Body Parts (For Fun,making my character's Body look like a Bird,Fish or Other things)

10.DEATH RUN :D (Also From Garry's Mod...If Soldner Gets would be super fun)

11.Soldner:Project reality Mod (Can SOldner Get Project Reality Mod like Battlefield 2 did?)

12.Punch,Kick,Kung fu? (just Wondering ;D)

13.CrossBow Gun? (Would be Cool)

14.NERF GUN? :D (just for fun)

15.Snow Ball Fight! (Idea From Rush team game)

16.Oplympic Games? (i dunno)

Thats All for now...I would Like know what you think about it and Which one we will get on Soldner :D
i will post new idea's Soon (if i get any xD)

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Re: Idea's For Soldner :D

Postby es_war_die_da! » Wed 17. Feb 2016, 01:54

1.) no
2.) no
3.) no
4.) no
5.) no
6.) no
7.) no
8.) if you can provide the "cool, new, awesome dance breakdance and moves"
9.) same as above
10.) no
11.) possible, but probaly boring
12.) no
13.) no
14.) no
15.) no
16.) no

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Re: Idea's For Soldner :D

Postby IgorWarrior » Thu 25. Feb 2016, 01:36

These suggestions are nice for FunMod, however Soldner itself isn't a game like GMod where we can fly, build and do lots of crazy things.

-The 11st suggestion looks like a cool one for tactical players (like me XD) but I would suggest something even better than "Project Reality". "P.R." is too limited if compared to Soldner, here we can buy differents kinds of choppers, tanks, cars, armored vehicles, each one with different purposes. We have also tons of guns, each one with a tactical objective.

-7st suggestion is nice for opened transport vehicles, like the Landrover or the PCV Jeep. That's somehow realistic in a battlefield full of infantrymen shooting at your jeep.

-We have tons of custom camo at FunMod, download it mate, you'll like it!

-The graphics cannot be updated to higher levels because of it's engine... This game is from 2004, so it's hard to improve the graphics to that level you mentioned.

- 12st can be possible, with melee weapons of course. Not kung fu, krav maga, jiu jitsu, but an improvement to the knife. It was nice when we could tag our symbols on the walls XD

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Re: Idea's For Soldner :D

Postby Sneaky_Toucan » Fri 4. Mar 2016, 23:33

5 - There are some "Fun" camouflages available.
11 - Isn't SSW already kinda realistic?
Everything else - Go play ROBLOX and garry's mod if you want any of that stuff.

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Re: Idea's For Soldner :D

Postby ranais2010 » Thu 29. Jun 2017, 16:54

idk a zombie survival type of thing could be a good thing limit the amount of vehicles u could use and find a way for aircraft to be shot down or just remove them from the gamemode all together and make it so u could spawn a large amount of zombies all together and u might get a slighter increase of players wouldnt hurt to try it i mean i used to play back 2012 and havent really been back since downloading now but i mean i always imagined fighting zombies in this game its got the setup to make it fun destructible surroundings doors that work and a massive selection of weapons and vehicles to use i could never quite find a game that had that much customization in it truly make a zombie mode fun

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