Slower/Less flares?

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Slower/Less flares?

Postby Sneaky_Toucan » Sun 14. Jan 2018, 01:42

On one hand, the current 1 second cooldown for flares feels almost nonexistant, even if you try to time your attacks well to make the enemy throw a false flare, they just mostly shrug it all off with another one. There could probably be a small cooldown increase to 1.50 or 2 seconds, but then it probably would create certain unbalance for air units, specially slow ones like helicopters.

On another hand, having 70 flares for every single air unit is pretty unnecessary, i think 10 or 12 flares should be enough. And maybe even demand more teamwork to attack a base with an air unit defending another that is reloading by using flares? :paper:

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Re: Slower/Less flares?

Postby hawk911 » Tue 29. Jan 2019, 16:35

Yup Teamwork is always bring huge advantages for the team. But if you have enough skill and knowledge I believe you will be able to beat them all with no time if you play solo. I afraid.. I can't tell you more about the cool-down, because In my experience ping or lag from the servers is always annoying and make us like noob player. The amount of flares is still ok nowadays and if you have difference points feel free to tell me.

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Re: Slower/Less flares?

Postby Andler » Fri 8. Feb 2019, 13:56

just please revert the pzf 3 to 3 shots again, this would also make it a lot easier to deal with helicopters and tanks at both times, since the laming in cq is hard to beat without using the team money.

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Re: Slower/Less flares?

Postby Chronicless » Sun 17. Feb 2019, 13:01

So you still have the 3 shot unscoped Mixa, which I think has the same damage like the pzf. In my oppinion just the Apache is a bit op because it takes 2 Stinger to take it down. One is too few and two are too much. Maybe its possible to make a different damage dealing with different hull armors like tanks (with side, front, rear). Or the Stinger could has a damagerange so its by chance to take it down with one shot.

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