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Ideas for new FunMod patch

Postby IgorWarrior » Sun 13. Mar 2016, 02:39

I'm sharing here some ideas for FunMod:

-Historical guns (WWs -Stg-44, Gatling Gun, Rifles, BAR, Flamethrower, AT Rifle, M9 Bazooka,etc... - , Arquebus/Musket, Sling, ...) and even futuristic ones (like those in Starcraft or even Star Wars) XD

-If you need new symbols, I would like to make some (post what do you use, like a small tutorial)

-Civilian Vehicles (historical ones, helicopters, police cars, ...), WW2 vehicles (Panzer IV, Tiger, Sherman M4, T-34, Halftracks, ...), Renaissance era vehicles (Carriages, Da Vinci's inventions - like the Flying Machine, Horses, ...), Greek Triremes, etc...

-Fixing WW planes (and other vehicles like the Porsche), they are pretty hard to control (well... I don't know if this is purposeful, but I'm highlighting this).

-FOR ADMINs: I'm still insisting on this: make FunMod servers! FunMod alone is a badass mod, imagine it with players!

*You don't need to make these crazy ideas happen, I'm only giving them as suggestions for a possible new patch :thumbsup:

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