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Absentee admin

Postby Celt » Tue 1. Sep 2015, 17:53

For all admin.We have a few players making a mess of everyones game-constant team killing etc.
When a vote begins these people leave and rejoin.If they get too many team kills-they leave and join again.One suggestion would be to amend this part of the program as its been exploited by those out to do nothing but ruin the game.

Another suggestion-if you are admin then play.If not hand the server to someone else on a temp basis so the rest of us can enjoy the game.This 'absentee' admin is a constant problem.Some admin do their best but naturally cant play all the time so adapt to what the players need-admin that are there to see whats happening.

Another suggestion is for all admin to create admin team built on trust so we always have someone there to perma ban these players who contribute nothing to the game but turn everyone else of it.

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