Punch mode

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Punch mode

Postby Celt » Mon 22. Sep 2014, 17:36

Just a suggestion that Id think would put a bit of fun into the game.
Any of you ever watch the GT4 youtube videos? Lot of fun and very funny.
At the moment my idea of fun is fooling players into getting into a jeep with me and then heading for the nearest cliff.Or at 'night' a few of us have team knife fights.

I think it would be fun to work on a punching/kicking code.
In the GT4 vids and player that does something stupid his team punch and kick him or when he does something really good he gets the same treatment.

I think a lot more vids would pop up with the addition.
Just a thought.

And a gun that shoots chairs...............or animals.

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Re: Punch mode

Postby HappyDude » Mon 22. Sep 2014, 19:45

A lot of good ideas. :D Oh and trust, me knife fights are the most funny things possible! lol
Happy as always!

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Re: Punch mode

Postby IgorWarrior » Thu 6. Nov 2014, 15:51

I remember a knife fight on Al Shedin... I lost because my ping was 390 :p
But this would be funny for sure, but it's pretty hard to lose a knife and start punching an armed guy

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