The teenage sex problem and Soldner.

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Postby Shore » Fri 25. Apr 2014, 15:42

due to triangulation:
the view point for the pilot is another than the release point of the missiles. Together with the hitpoint you get a triangle in threedimensional space.
As a result: the distance between you and the traget makes a difference as well:
If you are close it might be 3 fingernails - massivly increasing the distance may lead to 1 fingernail ... or 5 (no not really) ...

another aspect: remember: the missiles do have a weight, gravity influences them and there is also a drag ... on manpad launchers you will notice it, but it is conceptually the same for mounted missile launchers. Except: steering missiles (e.g. IR-guided) as they may steer against the gravity and drag influence.

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Postby -KuDe=Kuelfdeez » Fri 25. Apr 2014, 18:35

I can call it an accurate approximant of all distances, and inclines. But it's a hint for the players to make their own observations.

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Postby ~YYARDEN~ » Sat 10. May 2014, 00:00

Really....nice story! :thumbsup:
And like Shore said i'm by your side too. :)
Greetings, YYarden :thumbsup:

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Re: The teenage sex problem and Soldner.

Postby JAJAMEINKIND » Sat 15. Nov 2014, 02:12

Buy a bombing kit and destroy everything till there is nothing left. :)

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