reaction clan abuse

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Epic ME
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reaction clan abuse

Postby Epic ME » Sun 11. Aug 2013, 06:38

I want to say is that the clan goes all the frames. Not only that their administrators are very rude, so they also allow themselves to kill teammates, and in case of disturbance (no, no, no insults at them and nothing like only disturbance) gives banks. Сontact with them is not possible. I would like to ask deal with this.


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Postby [fHF]Dschini » Sun 11. Aug 2013, 13:48


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Postby Angelus » Sun 11. Aug 2013, 20:54

This is the Söldner forum, not the witchhunt forum. If you have a problem with a specific clan, talk to them and/ or if contacting them is not possible, report them in the Abuse area. Do not open public threads claiming they are rude (which is barely cause for an abuse report anyway), bad players, unfair, etc.
Theoretically you should receive an infraction for opening a thread like this as just last week I said whoever opens the next "Clan XYZ is bad"-thread will receive one. Since I only posted this in the German section, you get this one free.
However: There is now a moderator's statement in both sections on the matter. Therefore, the next thread to that effect WILL result in administrative action.

Edit: This does not mean "Don't complain about unfair players." It just means "Use the proper channels (Abuse area) to report unwanted behaviour."

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