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Automatic temporary banning

Postby Soturi » Tue 19. Mar 2019, 23:57

Hello Söldners,

My idea is one that in my opinion would help gameplay in a positive way.
I don’t think that it is something hard to achieve and perhaps it already exists without me knowing.
My idea is to temporary and automatically ban players from a server after for 1 hour after getting kicked 3 times.
The problem with kicking a player is that he can immediately come back in game and start causing trouble again.
This is probably the main reason why a lot of players don’t even bother participating in a vote

An example:
You play on a server with 8 players, one of the players decides to go on a teamkilling/laming streak.
His teammembers try to kick him, but only get 3/7 votes. They have to ask the enemy team to participate in the vote.
Of course this takes time, and the abusive player keeps teamkilling in the meanwhile.
When he finally gets kicked he returns 5 seconds later and goes on teamkilling.
The game is completely lost for his teammates who can’t even get out of their own base because of this.
Furthermore: the teamkiller can start his own vote against another player to temporary stop people from voting him out.
Only causing more trouble.

If this happens when a server admin is present he/she can take action and the problem is solved.
Unfortunately for us, server admins also have a life and can’t always respond to these problems going on in their servers.
If we allow the game to automatically ban players from a server for 1h after 3 votekicks the problem can be solved by the players online in a “democratic vote”. The ban will only be for one server and one hour only so people who experience abuse of this feature only have to wait one hour. (Example: 2 lamers on a server kicking a player trying to join 3x)

I look forward to hearing your opinions on this matter, both agreeing and disagreeing.

Yours truly

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