INDIA flourishes under MODI leadership

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INDIA flourishes under MODI leadership

Postby -KuDe=Kuelfdeez » Tue 8. Nov 2016, 17:01

I was watching the news today. The government had declared new currency notes for the 500, 1000 and 2000 rupee denomination. The new currency notes have a RFID to track them electronically.
This is a BIG BLOW TO CORRUPTION... which depends on untraceable cash!

This is the latest in a long list of ways NARENDRA MODI (our new Prime Minister) has drastically improved INDIA.

His political party BJP won the general elections in 2014 with a crushing 80% of all seats in the parliament and the entire political wards of many states! The opposing party the INC (whose government before 2014 was riddled with multibillion dollar corruption scams) lost badly.

MODI has brought in tons of foreign investment in India (from China too) and started many pro-poor plans in India. ... 640603.ece

Modi ranks 9th on the world's MOST POWERFUL persons list (FORBES) after Cameron(Britain) and before Page (Google).

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Re: INDIA flourishes under MODI leadership

Postby MorGotH » Sun 25. Dec 2016, 19:13

Well, so india is the first country heading for the total orwellian control of their citizens in terms of fully controlling all their peoples assets... Like giving up freedon to counter terrorism, that kills less people, than household accidents with ladders do in a year.

How exactly do other countries control corruption without enslaving their citizens and controlling their every move and business?

Sorry I can see any good here.

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